RCF presented its new premium brand: TT+AUDIO!


Italian RCF has introduced the new premium brand TT+ AUDIO, promising a comprehensive approach to product design, innovative engineering and reliability tested on tours and in high-quality fixed installations.

LAV Projekt distribution - TT+ AUDIO GTX line of products According to the company, 'the new three-dimensional TT+ AUDIO logo symbolizes a sporty, robust image with a sense of symmetry that depicts the company's never-ending journey in balancing precision in reproduction, usability, integration and consistency of coverage'.


"When we introduced the TT+ product line in 2006, our vision was to offer professional audio equipment that delivers the highest performance in touring and theater applications," explains RCF CEO Fausto Incerti. “TT+ has exceeded expectations and established itself as a leader through its innovation and success. Now it has shown its potential to develop into a new and independent premium brand. For more than 70 years, RCF has been a pioneer in audio engineering,” he continues. “With the debut of TT+ AUDIO, we are embarking on the next phase of this journey, introducing a dedicated team that will drive the future of audio. The establishment of TT+ AUDIO marks a new chapter of possibilities for us. We look forward to the road ahead." lav projekt distributor: TT+Audio-GTX-12 line array module The first product line to bear the new TT+ AUDIO logo is the high-performance GTX Line Array System. The GTX line currently consists of the GTX 12 three-way line array module, the GTX 10 two-way line array module and the GTS 29 high-performance subwoofer. The XPS 16K four-channel DSP amplifier was presented, and as a solution for touring needs there is also the TTR 16K touring rack. A flawless touring solution for integrating your audio system consists of three XPS amplifiers, a signal distribution panel, high-speed network switches, with optimal protection and ventilation for the amplifiers inside the rack. With RDnet 5, Firphase and Bass Motion Control and the possibility of connecting up to 24 modules to one fly-bar, the new GTX line array will certainly meet all our expectations.


  More information about the products and the availability of the GTX line is coming soon! LAV PROJEKT RCF DISTRIBOUTORS- tt+audio-TTR-16K Learn more about the GTX line at: