New SONY BRAVIA BZ-L series of professional screens

The four pillars of performance, unifying SONY solutions with your business needs

We are happy to announce the release of the best SONY BRAVIA 4K BZ-L series of professional screens so far. With 15 new models including SONY's first ever Haze line with Deep black non‑glare technology, BZ-L displays provide the best picture quality in all environments.

LAV Projekt Sony distributor Croatia: SONY BRAVIA-Pro-BZ-L series in portrait mode

New SONY lineup of BRAVIA Professional Displays incorporates all the picture quality, installation flexibility, robust usability and sustainability requirements needed for today’s commercial applications.

LAV Projekt Sony professional distributor Croatia: Four pillars of Sony Bravia BZ-L series performance


Picture quality

Sony Deep Black Non-Glare Coating is a major step forward in panel technology, reducing screen reflection without compromising brightness, contrast, detail and image clarity.

The result: bright, attention-grabbing pictures with rich colors and deep blacks that are seen clearly from any angle.

*Only in BZ40L series

Sony Deep Black Non-Glare Coating examples

One chip, incredibly real images


Cognitive Processor XR™

Cognitive Processor XR™ analyzes and recreates content based on human sight and hearing, to deliver pictures with the utmost depth and reality

*Only in BZ50L series

Sony Cognitive-processor features


4K HDR procesor X1™

With Object-based HDR remaster and Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR technology, Sony new 4K HDR Processor X1 reproduces more depth, textures and natural colors than our 4K Processor X1. You'll see pure colors at higher brightness levels for exceptionally realistic pictures.


Installation Flexibility

In addition to landscape, portrait, and tilt installation, BRAVIA Pro Displays can be used with mobile stands for effective use of space, and ceiling mounted for digital signage. Special installations such as easel stands, and multi-display installations are also possible.

Installation and mounting options of the SONY BZ-L series of professional screens


Consistent lineup design

The design of the BZ-L series displays is standardized, allowing for uniformity when mixing models. Wiring is also standardized, making installation easier.


Consistent platform

The BZ-L Series’ SoC and Android OS platform are common across all series, allowing for simple installation.

The BZ-L Series’ SoC and Android OS platform are common across all series, allowing for simple installation.

24/7 Operation

Business never sleeps: BRAVIA is engineered for dependable 24/7 operation in the most challenging corporate and commercial environments.

The Sony Bravia BZ-L series is designed for 24/7 operation

Side logo position

The Sony logo is positioned on the top right side of the display bezel, so nothing distracts your audience from immersive images.


Robust Usability


High Performance SoC

Equipped with a high performance SoC, high-resolution video can be played smoothly and easy to display interactive signage content without the need for a dedicated set-top box, media player or PC.


Pro settings

When it comes to business, we know there’s no such thing as “one size fits all”. That’s why our BZ-L series comes with our Pro Mode technology as standard — giving you multiple customization options at the touch of a button.


SONY Signage solution

On-board BRAVIA Signage Free (BSF) software automatically plays out HTML content, video and photos.


Partner Solutions

We work closely with top companies to add even more value to our innovative AV products, for networking, device management, automation, digital signage, and more.

SONY Partner Solutions


Making it, moving it, and using it more efficiently: Advanced engineering for sustainability

To reduce environmental impact, we are focused on multiple aspects across the product life cycle, such as reduction of virgin plastic, improvement of transportation efficiency, and more efficient power consumption.

SONY BZ-L series sustainability


The BZ-L series comes with improved energy efficiency depending on the screen size.

SONY BZ-L series energy efficiency


The new SONY BZ-L series consists of:

BRAVIA BZ30L series

Professional 24/7 portrait/tilt 4K display with Sony X1 processing, Pro-Mode, Airplay and Chromecast capability, as well as a full range of sizes.

Learn more: https://pro.sony/en_HR/products/pro-displays/bravia-bz30l-series

BRAVIA BZ35L series

An upgraded professional display with 32 GB of storage space and higher brightness. Available in 55", 65", 75" and 85" screen sizes.

Learn more: https://pro.sony/en_HR/products/pro-displays/bravia-bz35l-series

BRAVIA BZ40L series

Exceptionally bright 4K screens with unique Deep black technology without glare. Available in 55”, 65”, 75” and 85” screen sizes.

Learn more: https://pro.sony/en_HR/products/pro-displays/bravia-bz40l-series


Experience absolute picture quality with Sony's leading professional 4K display with Sony XR processing. Available in 98” size.

SONY BRAVIA FW-98BZ50L preview

Learn more on:https://pro.sony/en_HR/products/pro-displays/fw-98bz50l

As SONY professional distributors, we are proud that all screens from the BZ-L series are available for pre order in our offer. For more information send inquiry!