RCF AYRA PRO – professional quality for your studio

We present to you RCF AYRA PRO series of active studio monitors. AYRA PRO reference studio monitors designed for professional and creative applications, bring to the user a reliable natural and uncolored reproduction of audio tracks. The series consists of AYRA PRO5, AYRA PRO6 and AYRA PRO8 active studio monitors,AYRA PRO10 SUBreference subwoofer andRCF MC-1 monitor controller!  



AYRA studio monitors work perfectly in any environment, whether it's a large or small studio space, with absolute clarity. It brings professional RCF sound quality to your studio. It enables true monitoring and gives the engineer or producer a neutral tool for analyzing recordings and optimizing the mix. RCF distributors AYRA series LAV Projekt showroom



Clarity and definition



AYRA PRO is a series of high frequency active two-way sound boxes with a soft dome and advanced magnetics, designed with ferrofluid cooling and incredibly low distortion. AYRA PRO studio monitors stand out for their clarity and high frequency definition.   rcf distributors Croatia LAV Projekt AYRA PRO series of studio monitors in LAV Projekt showroom




Reference of your creativity



The modern lifestyle of music production requires versatile and accurate reference monitors. AYRA PRO active desktop speakers are the latest tools for musicians, sound engineers, video producers and podcasters. Let your creativity stand out with real high-end speakers, optimized for studio applications, broadcast and desktop use. Whether you're in a small studio, using a mobile system or a table in a hotel room, with this series you have a powerful system for accurate mixing with uncolored, true sound reproduction. RCF AYRA studio monitor in the studio




Acoustic transparency



The AYRA PRO series has been optimized to deliver the best sound for a variety of applications. Whether you're mixing in your studio or another broadcast facility, or you simply need great speakers for your home entertainment system — with AYRA PRO you'll have clear and loud sound. The front bass reflex port delivers most of the energy forward, away from the back walls. At the same time, AYRA is perfect for wall installations as well. LAV Projekt RCF distributors Croatia, AYRA PRO bass reflex opening




Powerful woofer with composite membrane



AYRA PRO low frequency drivers are precisely designed for tight and true reproduction. The length of the coil winding is optimized for an extended low frequency range. Fiberglass membrane design is the best choice for rigidity, damping and durability. RCF woofer ayra pro series



Powerful amplifiers



Channel your creativity into music at any volume. All AYRA PRO models are equipped with high power and low distortion. Two Class-D True Active low-distortion amplifiers and internal limiters will protect your monitors from extreme peaks that can damage speakers. RCF amplifier AYRA PRO




A new perspective on linearity



AYRA PRO is the first studio monitor in its class to boast an outstanding 0° phase response. All models are designed with FiRPHASE, RCF's advanced FIR filtering technology, designed to deliver transparent sound, absolute clarity and perfect stereo imaging to the listener. Dedicated powerful internal DSP optimizes frequency response and dynamics with exclusive RCF FiRPHASE processing.  




Perfect balance



With excellent dynamic range and controlled speaker behavior even at maximum levels, reproduction is always transparent and uncompromising, giving you a reliable reference for your mixes. LAV Projekt RCF distributor Croatia - AYRA PRO SERIES of professional studio speakers




Input/output and control



The AYRA PRO has balanced XLR and TRS Jack inputs and one unbalanced RCA input to adapt to a wide range of sources such as audio interfaces, keyboards, DJ consoles and audio mixing consoles. It comes with two response controls to boost or cut 1 dB on the high frequency and 2 dB on the low frequency.  




Feel your mix



Pairing the AYRA PRO10 SUB with RCF studio monitors provides an optimized monitoring experience with powerful low frequencies. With a 300 W RMS Class-D amplifier, a frequency range of 30 to 120 Hz and a variable second-order crossover from 50 to 120 hertz, you have enough power for any size of room. The signal from the source first reaches the AYRA PRO10 SUB and it retains low frequencies, and the left and right AYRA PRO sound boxes can be connected to it, where the other high frequencies go, resulting in a perfect output sound. RCF AYRA PRO10 SUB RCF AYRA PRO series is available in our offer. All devices from the AYRA PRO series are on display in our SHOWROOM and are ready for you to try them out. If you are interested or need more information about the AYRA series, please send us an inquiry.


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