Innovative AV solution: Lumens and Xilica announces new Integration Partnership


Lumens and Xilica integration partnership for voice-based automated camera tracking

We are proud to share an exciting news that will take AV collaboration to a whole new level. We present to you an exciting partnership between Lumens and Xilica, two top brands for which LAV Projekt is a distributor on our market! With their united efforts, these two companies bring us a revolutionary solution for advanced audiovisual automation in collaborative spaces that will surely change the ways of comm unication and collaboration forever.


Plug and Play integration for advanced monitoring

What is it about? It is an advanced voice-based automated pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) camera tracking solution. The collaboration between Xilica and Lumens brings an integrated solution that combines high-quality Lumens PTZ cameras with Xilica's Cat5-based audio room systems. The result is a fully integrated audiovisual solution with automated voice-based camera tracking, all without the need for up-front programming or licensing.

Advanced meeting monitoring technology with a PTZ camera

Xilica's automated camera tracking technology uses an array of ceiling microphones to precisely point PTZ cameras to the active speaker. Integrated control engines enable easy management of IP-controlled products, simplifying system operation in collaborative environments. With this partnership, real-time positioning coordinates are sent to the camera using Xilica's Follow Me camera tracking module that works in conjunction with an array of ceiling microphones. Once activated, the Lumens PTZ camera will automatically follow the active speaker in the room, allowing remote participants to monitor the conversation and engage more fully in the discussions.

This solution is ideal for domains such as higher education, government institutions and corporate markets.



From the media

"This new integration with Lumens significantly simplifies the configuration process for our customers," said Steven Liang, vice president of product development at Lumens. “Configuration of Xilica’s automated camera tracking technology has always been intuitive, but this new integration with Lumens significantly simplifies the configuration process for our customers,”


“This solution ultimately eliminates the need for users to directly control cameras during a conference or classroom session in any collaborative environment, while giving them the freedom to fully-utilise their space and communicate in a way that is natural for them.” said Shaun Robinson, vice president of product at Xilica.


About Lumens and Xilica

Lumens® Digital Optics Inc., a leading manufacturer of optical products, creates innovative, high-quality cameras for all AV needs. Their PTZ cameras are based on a precision robotic mechanism and industry standard control protocols.


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Xilica® creates collaboration products that unlock the power of human connection. Their solutions bridge the distance between individuals, teams and organizations, encouraging interaction and exchange of ideas.

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We are extremely proud that LAV Projekt is the distributor of Lumens and Xilica for Croatia, as such we can offer top A/V products of both companies.

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