The most durable shotgun mic ever – DPA 2017

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Danish DPA Microphones, the leading manufacturer of high-quality microphone solutions for which LAV Projekt is the exclusive distributor for Croatia, presented its new 2017 Shotgun microphone today.

DPA 2017 Shotgun Microphone is an extremely directional mic that combines crystal clear, authentic sound and stable, consistent performance under harsh conditions The microphone is designed to capture authentic sound with high directivity, clarity and consistency, so the 2017 excels in demanding broadcasting and production scenarios.

The latest DPA solution is ideal for broadcasting and live events, from traditional news and sports to sound recording on film sets or music events..

Key features:

  • Accurate, natural sound
  • Extraordinary durability with reinforced construction to perform in challenging environments
  • Outstanding off-axis rejectionfor optimal isolation of the desired sound source
  • Extremely directional pick-up pattern with an effective interference tube in a compact housing
  • Easy to set up position and use
  • Low self-noise

Main applications:

  • Broadcast and television industry (e.g. broadcast of live sports events, news, podcasts,...)
  • Film Industry (e.g. location sound recording)
  • Radio
  • Theater
  • Music events ( audience pickup)

Accurate, natural sound

DPA 2017 is designed to ensure that the sound from the primary sound source combines effortlessly with natural sound captured off-axis. It has effective off-axis sensitivity reduction combined with a frequency response that is much more linear than most comparable shotgun microphones on the market. Many other shotgun mics don’t pick up off-axis sound naturally, making, for example, the crowd noise sound more like a waterfall or even completely unrecognizable

These are precisely the possibilities that result in an authentic sound that sets this microphone apart from the competition.


Extraordinary durability

Microphone is constructed to withstand rough handling as well as difficult situations, such as cold climates and humidity.(+40°C / -40°C). encapsulating structure without moving mechanical parts and have found just the right thickness of material and ideal uniform pattern of slits on the grid, makes the microphone extremely resistant to mechanical impact. Microphone survives exposure to direct rain showers, and dries up quickly to return to perfect operation faster than many other shotguns on the market.

The 2017 has a thick, robust body construction of brass that is exceptionally durable and known for its corrosion resistance and tolerance against metal fatigue. In addition, the surfaces of the mic are treated with a protective black chrome finish, which ensures more graceful ageing.

Testing has shown that the 2017 can consistently and easily withstand and recover from condensation, on par with the most stable shotgun microphones on the market.


Low self-noise

With an extreme SPL (Sound Pressure Level) handling of 143 dB SPL Peak, low self-noise of 13 dB(A) and a 130 dB dynamic range, the 2017 excels where other good shotgun microphones fail, making it useful in applications where shotguns traditionally do not perform well.

Extremely directional pick-up pattern

he 2017 is an extremely directional shotgun microphone. It shows impressive attenuation at 90° (around -10 dB) and maximal rejection around 125° (more than -20 dB). Its polar pattern provides a more even pickup of “on-scene” (0°) sound sources than many widely-used shotgun microphones and a larger rejection of out-of-scene noises, thereby achieving a better overall performance than many competing mics on the market. Carefully-designed interference tube, combined with the uniform 360° grid, ensures consistent results even if the actual microphone gets rotated around the central axis.

Easy to set up, position and use

At just 184mm in length and 115g in weight, the 2017 is more compact than many popular shotgun microphones, making it an excellent choice for use on professional cameras. Its smaller dimensions allow it to fit in smaller wind protection units and, since there are no buttons to push on it, you can place it in its protection unit and forget about it.

Whether used in fixed positions, on camera systems or boom mounts, DPA has created a dedicated, optimized broadcast and live sound microphone that is competitive in the market and delivers exceptional value for all audio professionals.

What’s in the 2017 box?

The DPA 2017 microphone comes with UA0691 Microphone Holder, UA0073 Foam Windscreen and S-DKF0011 Zip Pouch.

lav projekt exclusive dpa microphones distributor for Croatia. Picture of the dpa 2017 shotgun microphone box with the accessories that come with it

DPA 2017 and other broadcasting solutions can be found in the LAV Projekt audio offer. 2017 is waiting for you in our Showroom where you can try it out and it is also available as a demo upon request. If you are interested in a microphone or need an additional consultation send us an inquiry.

Find out more about the microphone at the manufacturer's website:

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