Mode of work and collaboration in a modern office

Meeting rooms are vital areas for discussion and collaboration between colleagues, clients and partners. If we want to stay ahead of the competition, it is necessary to invest in new technologies that can upgrade the current traditional meeting rooms into new modern conference systems that will offer greater efficiency and productivity.
In this blog, we want to explore how to make the best use of new technological trends in conference rooms and explain the advantages of upgrading your office with the latest technologies.

Why upgrade your meeting rooms with state-of-the-art technologies?

Upgrading or completely refurbishing your office's meeting room can be a very complicated task, but the rewards are worth the effort. At first glance, equipping conference rooms with the latest technology can seem like a very expensive task.

However, there are many solutions with which you will stay ahead of the competition with this investment, and through this and other examples, increase efficiency. For example, installing interactive screens in your meeting room allows colleagues to present and share ideas more clearly and interestingly, while by setting up intelligent audio systems, meetings with remote partners become clearer and more efficient. The benefits of upgrading your current meeting room to a small conference room go beyond just increasing efficiency and productivity, it also improves communication between employees, clients and partners. Better collaboration tools lead to improved team dynamics and thus faster decision-making. By investing in new technologies primarily tailored to meet all business needs, companies can ensure they maximize return on investment while at the same time giving them an edge over competitors who have yet to adopt such innovative solutions for their workspace needs. Precisely by fast and efficient transfer of information, then by high-quality mutual communication and finally by analyzing the collected data, we will get the possibility of faster and more efficient decision-making. Of course, this is also possible with traditional methods, but sometimes the success and efficiency of such meetings is not what we would like.


Conferencing systems have become an integral part of effective meetings. This is precisely why the need for reliable and simple audiovisual equipment has become an indispensable part of meeting rooms, regardless of their size. Conference systems enable audio and video communication in real time, establishing dynamic cooperation between colleagues and business partners. Of course, if you enter a company's meeting room and see the latest technology that is perfectly integrated intoroom, that company will certainly look professional to you.

In order to achieve the aforementioned efficiency and effectiveness, the initial analysis and planning of installation itself is very important. Precisely to questions like: What does our meeting room need? How to increase efficiency? What equipment should be installed in order to achieve this?, we need to know the answer in advance. We will find the answer very easily if we include the individual needs of the business entity in the planning. First of all, it is necessary to understand the requirements and needs of your team. The introduction of new technologies into everyday life is necessary if you often hold meetings with remote partners, often conduct various employee trainings or, for example, frequently hold various briefing communications between employees.

Therefore, furnishing must be a very carefully designed process in order to enable the greatest possible functionality. Our team is at your disposal for additional questions and project launch. It is necessary to think carefully about which equipment to use and why. In order to describe in more detail and arrive at the answer what equipment you need, we have prepared a short list of equipment that every meeting room should have:


- Projection screen and video projector


A good projector and movable projection screen have become a "must have" of every conference system. We divide projectors according to purpose (data or video) and light source (laser, standard lamp, LED lamp). A good projector enables the display of various content on a large screen visible to everyone in the room. Your presentations, content sharing in meetings, videos will be available for commenting and presenting to more employees or partners.
Our recommendation for a projection solution: Sony Professional


- Interactive screen


An interactive screen that will make it easier for you and the entire team to interact in a modern business environment is a necessary part of the new conference room. If you think that a projector is too big option for a smaller conference room, you certainly won't go wrong with a screen like this. This device is like a large screen or television that has built-in touch sensors. It is used to display and easily share content and is therefore perfect for your new meeting room.
Our recommendation for an interactive solution: Allsee


- Video conference system


In modern business, various meetings and gatherings with business partners from all over the world are quite a large expense in the balance sheet of a business entity. In order to reduce travel costs and the time required for them to a minimum, a good remote communication tool is a necessary solution. The solution for this is a modern video conferencing system. Whether it's a meeting with a new client, distributor or partner who is located miles away from you, conference systems are a necessary trend in business communication nowadays.

Our recommendation for a conference solution: Televic conference systems


- Audio system


All of the above cannot fit well without investing in a modern audio system. A good sound system is absolutely necessary for the successful implementation of the conference system. A sufficiently powerful amplifier and speakers will certainly improve communication and presentation of ideas. Most often, built-in speakers are used, which will not disturb the visual harmony of your meeting room with their installation.
Our recommendation for an audio solution: RCF

Do you want to improve Your business?

With the latest technologies of conference systems, you can make the meeting rooms in your office more productive, efficient and exciting. Not only will upgrading with new technologies simplify tasks, it will stimulate the environment for the most productive meetings possible. With high-quality meeting room tools, you can take your office to the next level. By taking advantage of these technologies, your meetings will be easier and enable everyone to work more efficiently.
Since we are authorized representatives of renowned global manufacturers of professional audio, video and conference systems, our expert employees can help you find, purchase and install the necessary solution. For more information, send us an inquiry or your project at